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Cells and Cell Culture

Prepare for a treasure trove of delights!

While we have an abundance of remarkable offerings, we've organized them into convenient subcategories for your browsing pleasure.

Delve into our captivating world through the following product categories.


Feel free to click on any of them to uncover a myriad of additional treasures awaiting your discovery.

Don't worry, our inventory extends far beyond these dazzling delights. Drop us a message to find out more!


CGI of cells

Cells Lines

CGI of cells as control for FFPE

FFPE Cell Line Controls

CGI of nucleic acid

Cell Line Lysates

Confocal image of stained primary cells

Primary Cells

Stems cells in a CGI
Photograph of cell culture plates being tested with a kit

Cell Culture Kits

Extragel organoid stained with fluorescent molecules

3D Cell Culture and  Extracellular Matrices

Centrifugation of cell culture

Media and Reagents

Focused photo on women holding a tube

Transfection Reagents

Stem Cells

CGI of viruses

Viral Delivery


Bambanker HRM vial

Bambanker hRM

StemFit Basic Complete Type Vial

StemFit Basic04
Complete Type

Cell culture chamber being transferred to incubator

Cell Culture Chamber


Dermal Fibrobalsts stained with DAPI detailed micrograph

Tissue Models

Image of Keratinocyte Hero

Primary Cells and Media

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