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Kits and Assays

Prepare for a treasure trove of delights!

While we have an abundance of remarkable offerings, we've organized them into convenient subcategories for your browsing pleasure.

Delve into our captivating world through the following product categories.


Feel free to click on any of them to uncover a myriad of additional treasures awaiting your discovery.

Don't worry, our inventory extends far beyond these dazzling delights. Drop us a message to find out more!


Protein kits

Protein Kits

Apoptosis kits with image of neuron

Apoptosis Kits

96-wells plate for ELISA kit


Cell Migration invasion kit with confocal image of cells

Cell Migration/ Invasion Kits

Enzyme activity Assay

Enzyme Activity Assays

cell proliferation kit representated by CGI of proliferating cells

Cell Proliferation and Viability Kit

CGI of stem cells with kit

Stem Cell Kits

Cell culture plates with medium being held by researcher

Cell Culture Kits

metabolism kits with CGI of mitochondria

Metabolism Kits

Conjugation tests with image of microtubes

Conjugation Kits

Radioimmunoassay from Japan

RIA Kits

ELISA and EIA from Japan


DNA research samples over plate

Other Kits

Molzym Logo
CGI of bacteria in blood

Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep

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