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Laboratory Equipment & Consumables

Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Laboratory Fridge 2-8C 

  • Laboratory Freezer -20° C

  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -86° C

  • Blood bank/Plasma Freezer

High Quality Freezers with the most advanced technology to guarantee high standards of cryopreservation and reliability


Liquid Handling and Storage/Filtration

  • Pipette tips

  • Serological and Pasteur Pipettes

  • Centrifuge/PCR tubes

  • Cryogenic Vials

  • Filters for Syringe, Vacuum Bottles

  • Upper Cups and Centrifugal Filters

Our multiple partners will help provide the most adapted products


General Laboratory Equipment

  • Centrifuge , drying oven, incubators, shaker, vortex, hot plate, water bath, heat block, strirrer,  homogeniser..

  • Microplate reader

  • Thermal Cyclers

  • Spectrophotometres

  • Microscopes

  • Biocabinets

Multiple suppliers for more choice


Cell Culture / Microbiology / Molecular Biology

  • Cell Culture system including multi-layer cell culture system, Erlenmeyer flasks, cell culture flasks

  • Inoculating Loops, Cells Strainer, Cell Scrapper, Spreader

  • Plates (ELISA, PCR, Petri, Cell Culture

  • Cuvettes

We offer multiple products from trusted partners

Cell Culture Flasks.jpeg
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