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Molecular Biology

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While we have an abundance of remarkable offerings, we've organized them into convenient subcategories for your browsing pleasure.

Delve into our captivating world through the following product categories.


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CGI of DNA structure of cloning vector

Cloning vectors

cDNA clones CGI

cDNA Clones

CGI of RNA for RNAi


CGI of assembling DNA

Genome Editing

Photograph detail of PCR reagents in PCR tubes

PCR Reagents

Fluorescence micrograph of cells transfected with GFP

Transfection Reagents

CGI of isolated nucleic acid

Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits

CGI of enzyme biding to nucleic acid molecule

Molecular Biology Enzymes

Photographic detail of a magnetic beads being pipetted into wells

Magnetic Beads

CGI of shadow of nucleic acid imprinting on letterd nucleic acid sequence


Molzym Logo
Scientist studying nucleic acid structure on laptop

cDNA Libraries

Woman researcher pipetting solution in PCR tubes

PCR Reagents

Researcher loading PCR tubes in thermal cycler

DNA-Free PCR Reagents & Assays

Female researcher loading PCR reaction in tubes

Pathogen DNA
Enrichment and Isolation

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