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Founded in 2022, Beacon Sciences aims to be the ideal partner for connecting suppliers and clients within the scientific and research community. Our deep insight into our partners' offerings, combined with a keen sensitivity to the unique needs and hurdles faced by our clients, empowers us to deliver tailored solutions that advance your scientific endeavours. We pride ourselves on providing robust technical support to give you peace mind when using our products, ensuring a seamless experience.

Science Lab


Our comprehensive range of products are curated from reliable and trusted manufacturers around the world. Our valued customers work in varied industries including food industry, biopharma, diagnostics, environmental sciences, agribusiness, academia, biotechnology, research centres and governmental research organisations. 


Specialised products and equipment to perform analysis of your samples


We have thousands of products to choose from that will meet all your needs for your your microbiological studies


Beacon Sciences offers a wide range of innovative and trusted products for your upstream and downstream applications


We partner with vetted manufacturers to offer you the best equipment and consumables


Beacon Sciences offers a wide panel of products to verify the safety of food ingredients


From antibodies to nucleic acid preparation, Beacon Sciences can help you find the products you need to perform extraordinary science


Our Partners

We aim to find the best partners to provide with a broad range of trusted and reliable products. With reliable material, we know that you will spend less time worrying about reproducibility and reliability and more time on your research.  We aim to be the perfect partner that bridges suppliers and customers in the scientific and research community. 


Aidian specialises in accurate and affordable clinical diagnostic and hygiene monitoring tests, which are easy to use and provide fast results.


Providing quality life science research reagents and services for customers developing innovative methods, processes, products and medicines

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Developer and manufacturer of process solutions designed for life science companies


Complete solution to your chromatographic needs, HPLC Columns, GC Columns, SPE, Bulk Material, etc.


A wide range of microbial detection and enumeration solutions


Pioneering GMO and Mycotoxin testing Technologies


Manufacturer of  fast extraction technique of pesticide residue in agricultural products.

Public Health England provides PT schemes for food and water microbiology.


Equipping you with the right tools to reliably detect, identify, and eliminate harmful contaminants, pathogens, and toxins from your products and production environments.


Specialises in producing secondary antibodies for life science applications. 40 years of experience in immunoglobulin purification, conjugation and lyophilisation.


Independent world class manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic products for clinical, industrial and veterinary testing. 

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Mistubishi Gas Chemical manufactures highly innovative and specialised oxygen absorbers and anaerobic cultivation sets


Innovative products for molecular microbiology and microbial pathogen diagnostics.

Medical Wire & Equipment Co Ltd- MWE supplies a range of swabs and specimen collection media into Food, Pharmaceutical, Forensics, Environmental, and Research.


Provides cutting-edge products for the life science and biotechnology sector.


Provides genomic and radiomic analysis for hospitals, laboratories, and biopharma institutions. 


Large portfolio of immunoassays, antibodies & reagents from Japan

Refrigerators and freezers with the most advanced technology to guarantee high standards of quality and reliability in every environment. 


Manufacturer of Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System  


Progetto Trieste - Proficiency Testing Schemes for agri-food sector

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Manufacturer of high quality laboratory low weight and freezers and accessories,


Affordable SaaS editions, modern, user friendly and the technologically advanced LIMS platform on the market.

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Finding the right scientific equipment can be a challenge, but our team at BeaconSciences is here to help. We are dedicated to helping your quest for the perfect equipment or reagent and going the extra mile to source the hard-to-find gear you need. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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